Social Start Now, Inc. has developed a revolutionary program that allows us to generate unprecedented amounts of clicks from prospective consumers. Our social media exposure focus has far surpassed all of our expectations for effectiveness and efficiency. We custom design each and every program and work in tandem with your Social Media team to meet the clients immediate needs and specifications. SSN features a total package of unique filtering and selective analytic packaging to make your brand stand out with your specifically targeted audience.

Our team builds custom Social Network Programs capable of massive exposure and/or driving traffic to your company website, landing page, press releases or the ‘buy me’ buttons for goods or services. The capability to adapt to your specific ‘call to action’ is what sets us apart. Our program utilizes our proprietary Automated Tweeting Technology 24/7 in tandem with targeted audience searching.  As a result your audience will be unique to the parameters you specify and will engage much quicker. 

We deliver all results monthly on clicks and traffic. These analytics are paramount in creating a successful campaign as these are all potential customers. In other words, we will get you the clicks, exposure, and engagement that will enable you to convert these potential customers into clients.

‘It is great to have brand awareness but without engagement from potential customers it is a waste of time and energy’

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