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Ad-Free Social Power for Political Campaigns – No Bots about it!

In SSN’s realm of Social Media, the spread of ideas cannot be stopped. The recent ban on political advertising by Twitter has actually enabled us to increase our effectiveness at creating massive exposure. At Social Start Now, we use analytics and proprietary algorithms to boost organic sharing without bots or paid advertising.  Your press releases, platforms, opinions, agendas, events, donor opportunities, Q&A’s, and products will achieve maximum exposure ORGANICALLY!  

Politically we’re helping candidates and thought leaders reach more voters quickly, more directly, more persuasively, and less expensively than any paid campaign ever could. Social Start Now’s Social/Political program offers: 


  • Sharply-targeted demographics using advanced filtering and selective analytics  


  • 24/7 message updating based on audience behaviors and feedback             


  • Posts of news, views, and values written by our team and/or yours                


  • Traffic to your landing page (or any other desired site), DONATE buttons, event details, and  Q&A forms  


  • Advanced analytics on clicks and traffic delivered daily, weekly, or monthly  


  • Twitter-centric integration to all desired social networks                                   


  • Maximum adaptability to your communication needs  


  • Management of your existing Twitter account  



  • 30 days of 10 custom-designed Tweets per 24-hour day 



  • Analytics reporting including Impressions, Engagements, Likes, Re-tweets,    Replies, Profile Visits, Event Interest, and Donations  

Target Program

  • Includes Launch Program benefits PLUS:
  • Advanced filtering and selective analytics to targeted demographics
  • 25 customized Tweets per 24 hours for 30 days   
  • Analytics reporting by demographic selections   

Target and Test Program

  • Includes benefits of Launch and Target Programs PLUS:  
  • A/B/C split messaging testing and analytics   
  • 60 Tweets per day for 30 days 

For pricing on campaigns with higher volumes, please call. 

* Social Start Now retains the non-recourse right to cancel contracts with clients who violate, or wish to cause Social Start Now to violate, the standards of truth and respectful discourse in their social media campaigns whether under management of Social Start Now’s contracted terms or not.

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